Eye of the Tiger (Beat).

I’ve had a lot of celebrity crushes in my lifetime, but my very first one was Luke Perry. The dawn of Beverly Hills, 90210 coincided with the dawn of my adolescence, and the little rule-abiding Catholic schoolgirl in me fell and fell hard for the bad boy.

My wall was plastered with Luke- pictures, posters and articles cut with care from every teen magazine I could get my grubby little hands on, which I found ironic at the time, since I was not yet a teen myself. The soundtrack of my life was Debbie Gibson, Madonna, the Bangles, and you’re going to laugh when I tell you that I shunned New Kids on the Block because I thought they were too trendy. (A move I am paying for in my late twenties, when I am first in line for anything Jonas related.)

You always remember your first.

And if you don’t, then hopefully you have a picture like this to jog your memory.


Old flames die hard… or not, in my case. I held on to that crush all the way through high school…

At Planet Hollywood, circa 1997

At Planet Hollywood, circa 1997


…through my freshman year of college when I had a Luke Perry poster hanging at the head of my dorm room bunk…

…and to the present day, where I have a framed 90210 cast photo above my fireplace.

Luke Perry’s notable absence from celebrity caused my adoration to fade, and he’s been pushed out of my heart by my wonderful husband, and Zac Efron. (Which is slightly odd because Luke Perry, at the onset of my crush, was probably a decade older than Zac Efron is now.)

So, I’m over my Tiger Beat days. But as soon as they start making a Cougar Beat Magazine, I’m getting a lifetime subscription.

4 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger (Beat).

  1. LMAO @ Couger Beat LOL!!!!! ohh man.
    i love these old pictures of you, so funny!!!
    My love was HANSON. HANSON EVERYWHERE. Me and my best friend were a mess over those boys for yeeeaaars. It was hilarious!

  2. Girl, you had it bad for him. Didn’t you? Mine was David Cassity (did I spell that right) and Greg from the Brady Bunch. and of course Donny from Donny and Marie Osmond. What memories

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